Reflections on 2017 Make Cycle 3

Credit: Sheri Edwards, CC BY NC SA

And … pens down ….

How was your week of doodling? Did you explore what happens to your thinking and learning and creative spirit when you drew on all sorts of surfaces? Is your fridge now covered in sticky notes and inked-up hand-sketches?

This past week, we explored this notion of doodling, with an eye toward how teachers might be more mindful in allowing their students to use the art of sketching for better understanding of complex information. Sketchnoting, or visual notetaking, might allow a wider range of our students to process what they are hearing, or what they are learning.

Credit: Karen Fasimpaur, CC BY

Who knows — you might also be sparking the next Jeff Kinney … he often talks about how his teachers kept telling him to stop drawing in the margins of his school work. Now he makes doodles and books for a living, poking fun at teachers and schools with his Diary of a Wimpy Kid juggernaut.

Credit: Sheri Edwards

Throughout the week, we noticed some pretty interesting activities going on … including:

Credit: Ronald L and Karon Bielenda

Next week, we’re heading into the final Make Cycle of the 2017 CLMOOC season. Keep an eye out for news about that theme and activity suggestions in the next day or two.

As always, ignore these artificial timelines of Make Cycles and play at your own speed. Some folks are still exploring the Collaborative Coloring Book from the first Make Cycle. Others are working on their CLMOOC postcards from the second Make Cycle. The collaborative story of Miss Direction and the Search for Chalkboard Man is also still underway, as the story continues to get passed along to volunteers (and you can still sign up).

Credit: Wendy Taleo

The CLMOOC mantra continues to be: Whenever you arrive, you’re right on time.

CLMOOC Facilitators
Charlene Doland, Lauren Zucker, Ron Leunissen, Susan Watson, Helen DeWaard, and Sheri Edwards

Credit: Sheri Edwards, CC BY NC SA


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