Places to share

There are many places to share in CLMOOC. Some are listed below.

Please note that you don’t have to share or even participate in all of these. In fact, most people don’t. Just choose the ones that work best for you, and have fun!

  • On Twitter, we encourage you to follow and use the #clmooc hashtag this summer. You can also follow us at @clmooc.
  • You can join out CLMOOC Facebook group.
  • You can post your thoughts on your own blog (and then consider posting a link to one of the above).
  • We also have a CLMOOC Flickr group for photos.
  • You might post to other spaces that you are already in. Tag your work with CLMOOC and cross-post to one of the above spaces for others to find.
  • We also encourage you to explore makes in the CLMOOC Make Bank and consider sharing your own work there.
    In the make bank, a “make”
     is a generalized project or activity idea, for example, Make a meme, Make a 5-image story, Make a meal with local produce, etc. An “example” is specific instances of more general makes, e.g. actual works that people have created, e.g. individual memes, individual 5-image stories, picture of meals/recipes, etc. And tutorials are just that — “how to” make a meme or how to use a particular piece of software or whatever.

Again lurk, share, and learn wherever works for you. At CLMOOC, it’s all good.