Guide to Social Tools

Speaking of making, you’ll want to make yourself comfortable navigating CLMOOC and we created this guide to help. In addition to this blog, which will keep an archive of all communications and lists of upcoming events, you can participate in CLMOOC via Twitter, Google +, Google Hangout, Facebook, and/or your own blog. You can also tap into CLMOOC in face-to-face ways with colleagues and friends.

Twitter and Twitter Chats

Each Thursday, the make cycle team will host a #clmooc Twitter chat. To join into the chats and make sense of any other Twitter content related to CLMOOC, you’ll need a Twitter account and a beginning understanding of how to participate on Twitter. This Getting Started with Twitter and Twitter Chats information should help you get started.

Google and Our G+ Community

Daily sharing and chatter about CLMOOC will happen, primarily in the CLMOOC Google+ (or G+) Community, as well as on Twitter via the hashtag #clmooc. You’ll see participant-generated content in these spaces, as well as interesting resources related to making and Connected Learning. The G+ community will be a forum where you can share your work or seek support in making and learning. For help starting a Google account and with joining our G+ Community, check out Getting Started with Google and Our G+ Community.

Google Hangouts

Packaged inside Google+ is a collaborative video conferencing tool called Google Hangouts. Every Tuesday, CLMOOC team leaders will host a Make with Me Hangout on Air in order to engage in live video discussion! Participants are invited to join as well. Additionally, participants might decide to organize their own hangouts to collaborate more closely with the learners they connect with during CLMOOC. For support with Google Hangouts, please visit Getting Started with Google Hangouts.


CLMOOC Facebook Group was born in 2014 and you are welcome to connect there too.


You can also connect to CLMOOC via your own blog. Submit your blog’s feed related to CLMOOC and we will aggregate your feeds and publish the posts at the Blog Hub. For support with creating and finding your blog’s feed related to CLMOOC, please visit the Blog Hub and learn how to submit your blog.

Grouping and Collaborating with Social Tools

In spite of our massiveness, we here at CLMOOC know that powerful learning often happens in small communities. In each make cycle, we invite you to cluster and group according to interests, affinities, pace and/or connections you make in the course of this learning. If you have an idea for a collaboration and would like to form a group, please use the hashtag #clmooc to promote your idea and invite folks to join you.