Make Cycles

CLMOOC is organized into weekly make cycles. Different than units or weekly study topics, make cycles are open-ended invitations to make, play, learn and connect.

At the beginning of each cycle, participants receive a newsletter with prompts and possibilities that are meant to get the community creating, and then thinking and iterating in response.

Make cycles are designed to be open rather than sequential. That means that a make cycle that sparks your interest or generates community activity and thinking might guide your work for longer than a week. It also means that someone who joins CLMOOC during the third make cycle doesn’t need to go back and do anything in the first two.

Illustration by @dogtrax
Illustration by @dogtrax

All of the make cycles have regular events that we hope will inspire you to make, write, connect, and reflect.

  • Make cycles are open-ended invitations. When in doubt, make, play, connect and learn in community. On Monday, make cycle leaders will publish a newsletter announcing the theme of the cycle and sharing some related ideas and resources.
  • Make cycle leaders will then plan and facilitate a Make with Me live broadcast event on Tuesday evening which will be archived for later viewing.
  • Make cycle leaders will host a Twitter chat on Thursday evening to support reflection and discussion. All chats will also be archived.
  • Then a second newsletter toward the end of the week will prompt the community to reflect on their creations, highlight some of what’s been seen and made, and surface connections to the Connected Learning principles.