An Invitation to Collaborate: Searching for Chalkboard Man

Chalkboard Man Wanted Poster by Jeannie Bennett

Are you up for an adventure? We have a project now underway that we hope will interest you as writers, as photographers, as connected friends. We’re launching an Exquisite Corpse-style story, in which folks will be writing each piece of the story, one bit at a time. (You can view how this sort of collaboration unfolded in a different way during a Digital Writing Month activity called Storyjumpers).

The premise here for CLMOOC is the search for a missing toy — Chalkboard Man — from the first year of CLMOOC. This summer, we’re sending a new character — Miss Direction — out to find Chalkboard Man, and your job, when your time comes, will be download Miss Direction, color her and send her off on the trail of the mystery. You will write a small story and share an image or short video in a secret story site (which will be shared publicly at the end of the adventure).

Miss Direction: Illustration by Jeannie Bennett

If you sign up, you are agreeing to be timely with your part of the story (we’re hoping three to five days or so is enough time), so that we can organize the hand-off of Miss Direction to the next person. The specific details and instructions will be emailed to you when your time arrives.

The game, as Sherlock said to Watson (with echoes of Shakespeare), is afoot … sign up now for the collaborative adventure in the Search for Chalkboard Man. Who knows where it will all go? We surely don’t.


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