Week 2 ½: Purposeful Pause (aka CLMOOC #BreakWeek !)

Image credit: Pablo Fernández; CC BY NC ND

Imagine that. Two of our scheduled three Make Cycles are already behind us (well, as much as anything is past in CLMOOC)!

Image credit: Flickr user --Tico--, CC BY NC ND
Image credit: Flickr user –Tico–; CC BY NC ND

We shared. We wrote. We collaborated and learned over our past two weeks together. How good is that?!

What? You feel great and are ready for the final Make week? Good for you . . . but hold on for a moment . . .

Let’s sit . . .

Quietly . . .

Just for a moment . . .

. . . and . . . just . . . breathe.

Image credit: Matthias Ripp; CC BY
Image credit: Matthias Ripp; CC BY

How does that feel?

What was that you just thought?

You just remembered you did not check the #CLMOOC Twitter stream today? Perhaps you forgot the Facebook group or neglected sharing your Makes on the Google+ community? Did you know you can get a CLMOOC badge? You can!

Perhaps <GULP!> you did not publish that blog post you drafted for three days, saying (and believing!) you were almost back to it?

Ahh, young Padawan learner, your time is now! Hmm, come to think of it, are any of us here not learners and not in need of some time to process this experience that is CLMOOC?

Image credit: Paul Albertella; CC BY
Image credit: Paul Albertella; CC BY

You are in luck! By stealth or by plan, we all need some catch-up time. Time to finish the things we wanted to do, to process those thoughts we have been dreaming of, or perhaps, just perhaps, to take time to read, muse, and play with the ideas we have been trying to play with for two weeks now. But there is only so much time.

Perhaps there is only so little of it . . .

We invite you to take this week, our Week 2 ½ as a #BreakWeek or #BrakeWeek, or more intentionally, as a Purposeful Pause.

Time is fleeting, but that is only at work. Here, online, we have all the time we need!

Image credit: Pablo Fernández; CC BY NC ND
Image credit: Pablo Fernández; CC BY NC ND

Take some time to catch up, though what fun is taking a Purposeful Pause without sharing it?

Go on, get some rest and relaxation, and then tell us what all this making and collaborating really means to you . . .

We put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the Make with Me Hangout session for this week, but we will still be hosting a Twitter Chat for Make Cycle #2 1/2 on Thurs., July 28 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC with the #clmooc hashtag. And the Daily Connects will still roll out every morning, with an invitation to connect or ignore.

Enjoy your week,

Jeffrey Keefer and the CLMOOC Team



2 thoughts on “Week 2 ½: Purposeful Pause (aka CLMOOC #BreakWeek !)

  1. This breath and space can be practiced anytime and its what folks mean when they praise JOMO, the joy of missing out. Eat watermelon on the back stoop. Dip your hot feet in the water. Bay at the moon. You do know how to bay at the moon dontcha?

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