Thank You for Making Digital With Us

(Created by Ron Leunissen)

If the CLMOOC were in Virtual Reality and all of us were donning our Virtual Reality goggles (which some of us would no doubt make from scratch with duct tape and cardboard and maybe more than a little bit of Crazy Glue), the November-into-December Pop-Up Make Cycle would have looked fabulous, right?

You’d have animations springing up over here. You’d have inspirational art and quotes emerging over here. There would be a slideshow with images from all over the world projecting on the ground. You’d have Twitter chats unfolding in the background, a stream of interesting discussions about the nature of writing in the Digital Age. There would be conversations unfolding in the margins of the walls. You’d have connector points glowing with possibilities.


(Created by Kevin Hodgson)

Well, heck, VR might yet turn out to be nothing but hype, but we’re pretty confident that CLMOOC is not just the promise of days to come. CLMOOC is here, right now. There were, in fact, many ideas and many connections “popping up” all over the place with this impromptu Make Cycle, across all sorts of platforms. The CLMOOC Crowd — those of us who came together on our own just to see if we could pull off a CLMOOC Pop-Up for the event-formerly-known-as-DigiWriMo — wondered if this would work and it certainly did thanks to you.

Thank you, if you actively participated (and we created a new DigiWriMo badge for those who are into digital badge collecting). Thank you, if you just watched and wandered around. Thank you, if you intend to circle back when life settles a bit. However you engaged, it was perfect.

None of us can venture a guess right now about what 2017 will hold for any formal CLMOOC experiences, but don’t be surprised if a Pop-Up invitation hits your email bin or Twitter feed or the G+ or Facebook spaces in the months ahead, asking you to join in … on whatever theme might emerge. Heck. YOU might be the one sending out an invitation to the rest of us, asking us to join YOU on an adventure. We’re game. We’re always game.

Stay connected with us. Now more than ever, perhaps, we’ll be needing each other to support us in the days and years ahead in this topsy-turvy world we find ourselves in. Making art and making connections is one way we can stay grounded, together.

We invite you to reflect, too. There is a shared Google Document with a space for you to share a link to reflections you have written, or a space where you can write right in the document itself. Reflection is a way to remember and process what we have learned. We hope you find the time to join us.

You can always find us in all the usual places: on Twitter using #CLMOOC and #DigiWriMo, on G+ and on Facebook

Need more information about CLMOOC? Check out our FAQ page.

Finally. . . Celebrate your connections with the CLMOOC community. Launch into the conversations in any one of our places to share or listen from safe spaces. Be yourself. Remember we ~ the community ~ are here to support each other as we learn through connection.

The CLMOOC Crowd


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