Reflections: Make Cycle 1 2017

(Original image by Scott Glass; colored by Daniel Bassill, CC BY)

Hello CLMOOCers!

It’s been a week filled with colors. Your colors. Our colors. We all blend in together, in a collaborative way that demonstrates the beauty of this world. While our main project centered on the Collaborative Coloring Project, many of you took the opportunity to “color outside the lines” of the theme, and for that, we celebrate you. As of this writing, there are more than 30 pages to the Collaborative Coloring Book, with plenty of room for more.

(Original page by Simon Ensor; remix by Sarah Honeychurch, CC BY)

So, what has been happening this Make Cycle? Here are a few samples:

A few things to consider:

  • The second Make Cycle of CLMOOC 2017 will be launching tomorrow, July 16, and will spill the ink into the next week. (There will be no new Make Cycle the week of July 24 — it will be an open week.) We’ll have plenty of suggestions for connections. Of course, you are encouraged to keep on coloring and working on what you started in this first Make Cycle.
  • Did you do coloring this week? We’ve been updating our CLMOOC badges to reflect the play and work being done this summer, and we invite you to share your work and achieve a CLMOOC Coloring Book badge.
  1. Join our public CLMOOC group on BadgeList.
  2. Select the appropriate badge and “Join the badge.”
  3. Submit the required evidence (a URL and brief explanation – it’s up to you what you choose to use for this) to apply for the badge.
  4. Await approval. That’s it!

See you next week, and we hope to keep on connecting deep into the summer months.

(Collaborative Coloring Book Collage, assembled by Kevin Hodgson)



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