Make Cycle #1: Reflections

Image credit: Kevin Hodgson

What a week it has been! And the CLMOOC 2016 is really only now getting started! If you have not yet had time to tour around the many corners of the CLMOOC social media world to see all of the wonderful creations and collaborations already in play, you might want grab a cup of coffee (or maybe something stronger) and dive in.

What you will find is an amazing array of artwork, writing, concept maps, collages, images, comics, videos, poems and so much more. We’re not suggesting you need to read or experience everything. That’s not what CLMOOC is about. Find your puddle, as Ron noted in one of his many wonderful layered images with text.


Image credit: Ron Leunissen

Discover something new. Make a connection. Relax, smile, breathe.

Perhaps this list of activities might get you started on your tour of the past week …

  • Did you miss this week’s Make with Me hangout or week’s tweet chat? Check out these linked archives.
  • CLMOOC 16 Google Map: Pin yourself to this so we can get a visual representation of where we all are. Check out Sarah’s blog post for some short instructions on how to do this.
  • CLMOOC Tag Board: This collates much of what’s been tagged with the #CLMOOC hashtag – it’s a great place to surf through to get a flavour of the week so far.
  • Do you blog? Fill out this Google form to add yours to the CLMOOC 16 list. After filling out the form, you’ll be directed to a page with all the current responses, so that we can all find each others’ blogs again. Or you can just read the database of bloggers directly.
  • There’s art breaking out all over CLMOOC. Check out the links Susan has curated. Is yours missing? Add a comment to let Susan know.
  • Find Five Fridays (#F5F): Who are your favourite people? Tag five folk in whichever social media space you are in and share it out with the #CLMooc hashtag. Let’s all help each other build up our PLNs (personal learning networks).

Coming up for Make Cycle 2: a community, collaborative riffing off of Make Cycle 1. We have encouraged everyone to introduce themselves as part of the theme of Cultivating Connections in the first days of CLMOOC, and now we hope to encourage all of us to “Reciprocate Connections” by honoring those among us. You can expect a newsletter on Sunday with a variety of possible options (which you are free to ignore) for ways that you can connect with others in the CLMOOC, in hopes that we deepen our understanding of each other. Until then, carry on being awesome.

See y’all soon, folks.

Sarah, Sheri and all the CLMOOC16 team



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