Let’s Get Animated!

(animation by Kevin Hodgson with art from Niall Barr)

Welcome to week two of this CLMOOC/DigiWriMo Pop-Up Make Cycle. This week, we have another fun-filled schedule of events, with a focus on how animation in a variety of forms (and entry points) might inform storytelling — or perhaps, it’s just another CLMOOC excuse to play around with things.

This week’s planned activities include:

  • An invitation to swim with us and tell a story using digital animation. One tool that is easy to work with is Abcya Animate; a tutorial is available here. There are many other tools, so use one you like! For inspiration, visit the CLMOOC make bank;
  • A dive into a conversation about animation starting with a slow chat in a Google Doc  from 8am GMT on Monday 5th December and unfolding gently throughout the following 24 hours. In this Google Doc, we can talk about what types of animation we want to make and why, as well as sharing some animations that inspire us and that we would  love to be able to copy. As well as chatting in the Google Doc, we can also tweet out to #AnimWk;
  • Dipping your toes into the shallow end! An invitation to make inspirational posters, using art, image and words.  Apps at work: Pixlr (one of our favs), Photo Lab (lots of artsy options, limited text), or whatever apps came preloaded on your phone. This is permission to PLAY without being overwhelmed. It is the time of year when joy and connection reign in the human heart. Sometimes, however, this can be a difficult season. In the spirit of “good will toward all,” this Make idea invites you to create inspirational art using cell phone apps, photos you take, websites like Mozilla Webmaker remix tools, and an inspirational quote or a personal message of hope. Tweet your piece out to #CLinspire and #clmooc and share on this Google Doc.


(image by Stephanie Loomis with Photo Lab – ios, Android)

  • A #digiwrimo Twitter chat on Monday 5th December at 6-7pm ET (check here to work out your local time) with Mia Zamora and her university students. The topic will be Digital Writing and the theme of Why I Write, which was the centerpiece of this year’s National Day on Writing.

In case you missed all or some of last’s week’s activities, here is a recap. As with just about everything CLMOOC-ish, the doors remain wide open and the invitation still stands to pop in and join the fun. You can:


(A collage of images from the collaborative Down to the Ground activity. Come join in and add your own photo.)


(A collage of images from the collaborative Down to the Ground activity. Come join in and add your own photo.)

You can find us in all the usual places: on Twitter using #CLMOOC and #DigiWriMo, on G+ and on Facebook — jump in and say hi to everybody.

Need more information about CLMOOC? Check out our FAQ page.

Finally. . . Celebrate your connections with the CLMOOC community. Launch into the conversations in any one of our places to share or listen from safe spaces. Be yourself. Remember we ~ the community ~ are here to support each other as we learn through connection.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

The CLMOOC Crowd


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