Connections Continue: Extending CLMOOC Into the Year

We’re still pushing the brooms and using the dust pans to clean up the digital confetti left over from the celebration week of CLMOOC. You folks sure know how to party! As the latest iteration of Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration (you know, CLMOOC) comes to an unofficial ending moment, we wanted to take a break from the confetti clean-up to shout out thanks and appreciation to everyone involved.


We thank YOU for being a participant and for being open to all sorts of collaborative challenges. If this were a game show, you’d be going home with the Maserati. But this is CLMOOC. So you go home with something better (and no tax bill to worry about). You go home knowing that you have forged new friendships, strengthened old acquaintances and considered ways to frame Connected Learning concepts for the learners in your educational spaces. Thank you for being here with us, in whatever fashion it was. And if you are just arriving to CLMOOC: Welcome! You’re right on time!

We thank the many Make Cycle FACILITATORS who answered the call for a crowdsourced CLMOOC and stepped up so generously with their time and ideas and energy to lead us into themes of Cultivating Connections (Sarah and Sheri), Reciprocating Connections (Susan and Helen) and Celebration Connections (Allie and Scott, with Anna). And of course, we also engaged in the week of Purposeful Pause (Jeffrey and Charlene). There were also other folks backstage, acting as coaches to help the facilitators to think through ideas with offers of logistical help and assistance. It’s not hyperbole to say that CLMOOC would have not run in 2016 without all of these people volunteering their time and energy. CLMOOC was a model of distributed facilitation, in the most positive way possible.


We thank the National Writing Project, too, for being open to letting all of us take over CLMOOC for the summer of 2016 during a time when NWP’s attention is on its Letters to the Next President 2.0 project, which is designed on the same Connected Learning principles that anchor CLMOOC. We probably could have done some other sort of version of CLMOOC (altCMOOC? bizarroCLMOOC?) without NWP support, but CLMOOC is always so much stronger when it relies on its roots, and this summer’s CLMOOC is clearly built on the foundation of the previous three years when NWP was funding and supporting the idea of open collaboration with the launch of CLMOOC.


So, what happens now?

This is the final newsletter of the summer of CLMOOC 2016 but we’ve all been hard at work, compiling ways to stay connected to CLMOOC throughout the year. This is important. If CLMOOC is just an experience of summer, it has short resonance and limited reach. If we can extend the connections of CLMOOC throughout the year, it’s ethos and spirit becomes something larger. Mull over the following and see if any catch your attention. Just like the main CLMOOC experience, you decide what works for you and what doesn’t. You decide where to enter the conversations, where you might just observe and where you might not want to engage. Dip in. Swim in. Dive in.

YOU remain the center of CLMOOC, now and into the future.


Throughout the Year There are many ways to stay engaged with CLMOOC’s connected community and beyond. Here are a few options to consider to remain active and connected with the people and the spirit of CLMOOC as summer fades away:




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