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We have loved the possibilities of Digiwrimo in the past and the collaborative nature of CLMOOC in the present, and as Kevin said, “[We] have a hard time letting go.” That, we do. Fortunately, in the world of the open web, we don’t have to let go!

This month, the CLMOOC crowd-source crowd is putting together a Pop-Up Make Cycle for what used to be Digital Writing Month. The folks behind DigiWriMo are “retiring” the idea. CLMOOC figures, why settle for early retirement? (For those unfamiliar, a “pop-up” is something that comes together at a specific time and place for a specific purpose and then goes away again. Common examples are pop-up restaurants and shops.)

This DigiWrimo-ish Pop-Up Make Cycle will last two weeks and will happen from November 28 through December 10 (subject to change of course :). The focus will be on digital writing in all forms, including annotating, photographing, animating, alongside traditional writing modes, too. As always with CLMOOC, there will be many options to participate and connect. You can dip in, swim in and/or dive in. (Yes, we’re using our CLMOOC summer metaphors in order to bring back memories and offer up an invitation, no matter where your comfort level is.)

And you can do as much or as little as you like. There is no wrong way to engage when it comes to CLMOOC. Whenever you arrive, and however you participate, is just right.

We’ll also be having a Twitter chat, hosted by a class of university students engaging in Connected Learning and writing in a digital age, and we’ll be connecting in all our usual spaces in whatever ways make sense. And by “we,” we mean “you.”

We hope you’ll put this on your calendar and join us as November spills into December with digital writing and connected possibilities! More updates to come here at the CLMOOC website and across the Interwebz.



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