Come Sail into the Poetry Port

In February 2020, the CLMOOC collective is creating a Poetry Port. Pull in to this port and get a poem created for you. Or create a poem a day from the word prompts provided. With a theme of celebrating connections and exploring Connected Learning, these poems will be a way for all of us to connect and learn together.

  1. Need a poem*?
    We have a global group of poets-in-residence, waiting to write just for you. Pull into the poetry port by filling the form and our poets will write a poem and send it back to you (snail mail is an option here). A copy of your poem will be added to the Poetry ePort.
  2. Write a poem*?
    Check the Word a Day Calendar and write a poem for that day. Each day, poetic themes will be released at The Daily Connect, providing inspiration to make poetry in whatever way you want. Share in all the usual CLMOOC places: Twitter by using the #CLMOOC hashtag, Facebook group, and/or by adding them to our Poetry ePort. At the end of the projects, the results will be included into a Poetry ePort Slide Deck.
  3. Postcard Poem*
    For years, the CLMOOC community has been sending postcards to each other as a way to celebrate off-line connections as well as digital connections. If you would like to get a poem* as a postcard, be sure to share your mailing address in the
    Poetry Port sign-up form.

* We have a broad definition of “poem” here – it could be text, or images, sounds or a combination. Whatever inspires and moves you.



9 thoughts on “Come Sail into the Poetry Port

  1. So looking forward to this month! The playlist will be perfect for playing in class. My class just started reading Teaching Like a Pirate. This playlist couldn’t be more timely!

  2. Where do I submit a poem for poem of the day. This is a wonderful project and I would love to participate.

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