CLMOOC Does DigiWriMo (Pop-Up Make Cycle Alert!)

(flickr photo by Dogtrax shared under a Creative Commons BY license)

Hey ya, remember us? CLMOOC has been in “nap mode” after a busy summer. Have we missed anything important in the world?

With the announced retirement of Digital Writing Month by the wonderful folks at Digital/Hybrid Pedagogy, the CLMOOC crowd that brought you fun in the summer decided … it’s time to break DigiWriMo out of the Retirement Home and get a new connected party started.


(flickr photo by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ shared under a Creative Commons BY-SA license)

The notion of Pop-Up Make Cycles is that they pop up suddenly, do their thing (and invite you to do your thing, so we can all do our things together, perhaps with a cool dance party soundtrack), and then disappear after the party is over. But these Pop-Up Make Cycles won’t be a party without the likes of you, so this coming week and into next week, we’re planning a grab-bag gift-bag of activities for you to choose from. Just like summer, you should feel free to dip in, swim in or dive in.


(Digi the Duck: the Unofficial (Retired) Mascot of Digital Writing Month)

Sure, the virtual water is bit cooler in November and December, but we’ve got blankets and hot cocoa. The fire is sparkling, and we’ve got some stories to tell.

This week, you can look forward to …

  • Catching up with old friends and making new ones as you introduce yourself by using any media you fancy, and find out how others choose to represent themselves. You might choose to Untroduce yourself by showing us your ALT-CV or you might return to some favorites or you might try something completely new;
  • Crowd-sourced annotating an interview with Troy Hicks about digital literacies and digital writing in the classroom. Troy Hicks has agreed to join in the annotating the article right along with you. So, if you bump into Troy in the margins of the article, say “hello,” and maybe leave him a gif or something. We’re using the Hypothesis tool to mess up the margins of the article. Need to know more about using Hypothesis for annotation? We’ve got you covered. Check out this YouTube tutorial by Terry Elliott, this quick start guide also by Terry and this resource by Networked Learning Collaborative and Greg McVerry;
  • An invitation to put together inspirational posters and to merge together images and words and share them with each other;
  • An exploration of the idea of an image itself as an artifact of digital writing;
  • You can always revisit the CLMOOC Daily Connector for ideas on creatively connecting with others. Just click the Random Connector Button and off you go;
  • Anything else YOU would like to do. That’s right — you get the chance to take this experience in any direction you’d like it to go.


(Image by Ron Leunissen)

You can find us in all the usual places: on Twitter using #CLMOOC and #DigiWriMo, on G+ and on Facebook — jump in and say hi to everybody.

Next week, as November gives way to December, we move on to looking at how to create with video animation, with entry points for all. Details of that to follow!

(Animation by Charlene Doland, made via
ABCya Animation)

Need More Information about CLMOOC? Check out our FAQ page.

Finally … Celebrate your connections with the CLMOOC community. Launch into the conversations in any one of our places to share or listen from safe spaces. Be yourself. Remember we ~ the community ~ are here to support each other as we learn through connection.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

The CLMOOC Crowd (and Digi the Duck)


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