Welcome to 2022: A CLMOOC Collaborative Calendar

So, maybe this is a new tradition for CLMOOC? Another year, another collaborative calendar … Special thanks to all from the CLMOOC community who contributed illustrations, photographs, music, inspiration and the time and energy and organization that went into bringing another project into the world.

Download the free CLMOOC Collaborative Calendar for 2022 (PDF)

Did you print out last year’s calendar? In the maker spirit of clmooc, share a suggestion to re-use the paper, like these cool envelopes https://youtu.be/TUfurzwcfXg and tag #clmooc.

Contributors: Kim Douillard, Irene Stewart, Melvina Kurashige, Niall Barr, Sheri Edwards, Karen Young, Simon Ensor, Matt Offord, Sarah Honeychurch, Ron Leunissen, Charlene Doland, Terry Elliott, Ron Samul, Wendy Taleo and Kevin Hodgson.

And a video teaser of art and music:



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