We LOVE data postcards!

Make love not war by Stephan is licensed under CC Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

As we wrap up our Dear Data focus on resolutions, we turn our heads toward a common February theme – love. To join us, go here to sign up (and add more topics if you wish!). (Make sure you’ve signed up for our other postcard list first.)

What do we mean when we say we “love” someone or something? Do we love our partner in the same way as strawberry cheesecake? How often do we use the word “love?” Do we even need to use the word, or are there other ways we (can) demonstrate it? How do we measure it? How can we enact and live the slogan “make love, not war?” Use your imagination!

Your postcard(s) can take a visual data approach (like Dear Data) or not, your choice. You can make one postcard or many and send to people on the participant list, or to someone else! We will be exploring this theme throughout February, more or less (here at CLMOOC our timeframes are fluid).

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