The CLMOOC Planet and Web Ring


CLMOOC friend Greg McVerry, whose work with the Indieweb movement inspires educators across the spectrum to create and manage their own web spaces, has launched two related projects to keep CLMOOC bloggers connected together in the aftermath of the loss of the G+ space.

The first project is a CLMOOC Web Ring — which allows a user to move through CLMOOCer blog sites — and the second project is a CLMOOC Planet — a collection of RSS feeds for easy reading of CLMOOC posts. Both the Web Ring and the Planet are ways to gather together the disparate nature of an open, collaborative Affinity Network like CLMOOC.

Head to the site of the CLMOOC Web Ring and Planet

Special thanks to Greg for spearheading this effort! You can also add your own blog/site to the Web Ring with this easy form that Greg created.



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