Silent Sundays: So Long, G+ — Hello, Tumblr

Many of us at CLMOOC have long spent Sundays sharing silent images — a way to send quiet art into our networked spaces. G+ has a favorite for many to do this — it was simple and visual — but you may know that G+ is now nearly gone (and may be gone when you read this).

One alternative to G+ for sharing Silent Sunday photos is a new Tumblr space we have set up. There is a form built into the CLMOOC Silent Sunday Tumblr for you to upload images (Kevin will moderate and release photos as soon as possible .. be patient with him).

Let’s keep our Silent Sunday tradition alive with evocative and provocative images.

Go to the Silent Sunday submission form at the CLMOOC Tumblr

View the Silent Sunday Tumblr

If you want to be a collaborator at the Tumblr directly (meaning, you won’t need to use the form and wait for your photo to be released), you can use this Google Form so we can add you into the mix of collaborators.


And if Tumblr goes kaput? Well, we’ll just jump to some other place. We’re flexible like that.



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