Remix Postcards

At CLMOOC, we love remixes so that’s the postcard theme for March.

There are many ways in which you do this might remix for postcards. Here are a few we’ve thought of, but feel free to come up with your own:

  • Remix other postcards you’ve received into new ones.
  • Use things like scraps of magazine pages, newspapers, etc. to make a new postcard (using scissors and glue or digital tools).
  • Consider using some technology tools to layer doodles and annotations on top of images of public art, and send it along to a friend. Doodle on public domain art like this.

    Image credit: Sheri Edwards with images from the New York Public Library
  • Take an idea from a previous theme and remix it to give it a novel twist. You could even take two ideas and mix them together to create something new
  • Take a song, poem or quote you love and remix it into a visual form. Optional extra: get recipients to guess what you are representing.
  • Take one of your Silent Sunday pics and send it as a postcard, or choose one you love from somebody else and remix that into a card.
  • Take somebody else’s doodles or your own and remix them in your own way.
  • The daily comics (if you still get a newspaper) are a good source for remixing art and story. Use the Sunday Funnies for color. Why not refashion a comic message on a postcard?
  • How about a postcard with a surprise QR code for the reader? Add video, audio or any kind of media with a special touch for the person on the receiving end of the postcard.
  • Divide up an image or a text and send a bit of each to different people. Give them a place (like Padlet or Google Doc) to share their piece of the remix, and let the it all fold back together again as collaboration.

As always, you may participate in this however you like. Mail just one postcard to one person on the list (anyone you choose) or make a few for various people. You can see who else might be participating this month here and also indicate your participation. (And if you’re new to the postcard project, make sure you’ve signed up here first.)

We will be engaging in this topic throughout the month of March with a rough plan of mailing postcards around March 15 (or whenever works for you). Feel free to post what you make or what you receive in all the usual spaces.


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