What is the Meaning of Life?

How are you? What books have you read lately? What are you dreaming about? Where are you going? Where have you been? What’s your favorite food? What’s in a name? What is the future of humankind? How can we find world peace? Why did the chicken cross the road? Why are we asking all these QUESTIONS?!?!?

Well, questions is the theme of our May postcards.

As usual, there are many ways you might engage in this theme:

  • Write a postcard with a question you want an answer to.
  • Draw a cartoon that includes a question and answer (or a space for someone else to answer).
  • Create a scavenger hunt full of questions. Maybe send different questions to several people and ask them to collaborate on completing the hunt.
  • Write out a Q & A audio “transcript” between the postcard and … the world or the mailbox or CLMOOC or (fill in the blank).
  • Use the symbol of the question mark for some art project on the postcard.
  • Perhaps you have been reading and crowd-annotating DeSchooling Society with CLMOOC for a pop-up activity, and you have questions lingering in your mind. Why not send those questions on a postcard to someone? (And you can point to the pop-up post, if you want.)

You may participate in this theme however you like. Make one postcard or more than one. Send to whoever you like. You can see who else might be participating this month here and also indicate your participation. (And if you’re new to the postcard project, make sure you’ve signed up here first.)

We will be engaging in this topic throughout the month of May with a rough plan of mailing postcards around May 15 (or whenever works for you). Feel free to post what you make or what you receive in all the usual spaces.


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