Let’s Celebrate!

We have had a wonderful summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) of CLMOOC, and we feel like celebrating!

So for this month’s postcard theme (formerly, known as “data postcards” — we’ve expanded the notion to be thematic now, with data connections being optional), we’ve chosen celebrating something new (or something old if you prefer). Celebrate as you want.

Around this topic, you might:

  • Make a postcard to celebrate this year’s CLMOOC experience.
  • Write about a new thing you’ve recently learned.
  • Make a picture that shows your plans for a new start to something. (In some parts of the world, folks are starting a new school year.)
  • Create something to celebrate a new book you’ve recently read (or a new movie you’ve watched, food you’ve eaten, place you’ve visited…the possibilities are endless!)
  • Share a postcard about a new idea you have.
  • Turn a postcard into a longer letter, making a different kind of connection.

To join us, go here to indicate your intended participation this month (and add more theme suggestions if you wish!). (Make sure you’ve signed up for our other CLMOOC postcard list first so you have addresses.) You can participate in this however you like. Mail just one postcard to one person on the list (anyone you choose) or make a few for a few people.

We will be engaging in this topic throughout the month of September, with hopes of getting something in the mail by September 15 (or so — no hard and fast deadlines). Feel free to post what you make or what you receive in all the usual spaces.

And if you missed them, here is a storified collection of some of our previous postcard work.


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