CLMOOC – who is organizing this thing?

Each of the previous year’s of CLMOOC, there has been an organizer team of folks who have done tasks such as organizing the makes, hosting “make with Me” hangouts, hosting tweet chats, providing support, managing the technical aspects of the MOOC, etc.

This year is a bit different. First, we’re all volunteers. Second, we’re looking for a collaborative planning process with more folks involved. So if you are interested in helping us to plan and run CLMOOC this year, drop us an email, and we’ll add you to the team. There are many ways you can participate, ranging from small and not time intensive to all-consuming!


4 thoughts on “CLMOOC – who is organizing this thing?

  1. Happy to assist as I am able. My available time is at the mercy of aging parents, so I prefer to take on non-scheduled tasks. I’m curious about the move away from NWP/CWP.

    1. Hi, Michelle. Glad to see you back at CLMOOC. Would be happy to have you participate however makes sense for you. Our Make with Me hangouts will be Tues. at 6pm PT and Twitter chats on Thurs. at the same time. Other activities are all asynchronous on the normal social media channels.

      We haven’t really moved “away” from NWP, but they decided not to lead it this year, so a group of volunteers decided to crowdsource it and do it anyway. (We love CLMOOC!) Many WP folks are still involved, as well as many others, and the focus is still on Connected Learning.

      Looking forward to learning with you again this year!

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