CLMOOC Poem Voice (re)Mixer

Here at CLMOOC, we’re always looking for ways to push the edges with collaborations and technology. After our friend, Alan Levine, posted an experiment or two around a site that remixed audio voices of contributors (such as the Emily Dickinson mixer), we asked Alan to help us configure a version for CLMOOC.

The CLMOOC Poem Voice Mixer is a forked project from Alan’s master project off Github (which you can also fork and use for yourself), and it uses text from an original poem, and a handful of voices from volunteer contributors in the CLMOOC community. Each remix offers up a different array of voices, all reading the poem together in a string of audio. (Forking a project means getting a copy of an original, with all the code, and making it your own)

Take a listen, and then hit remix, and listen again.

— CLMOOC friends

PS: Thanks to all voice contributors – Alan, Charlene, Jennifer, Kevin, Lauren, Ron, Sarah, Sheri, Greg, Terry, Wendy

PSS: You can also fork a version of our CLMOOC project off of Github and make your own remix project.

PSSS (is that a thing?): Listen to a further remix (headphones suggested) – The Cacophony Collage


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