Bridging Connections to Place: A Doodle Month

Art by Ron

Come join us for another month of daily inspiration for art and writing and more as we turn October into a celebration of PLACE.

Each day, themes related to urban, rural and other place-based ideas will be released at The Daily Connect, providing inspiration to make art in whatever way you want.

As per CLMOOC ethos, sharing your work and collaborating with others is encouraged and you might consider using the #clmooc hashtag or the CLMOOC Facebook Group or or your own online space to do so.

You can follow the Daily Connect through email notifications, hashtags, or RSS feeds. The theme of PLACE connects to the Write Out project, another connected learning experience which riffs off the roots of CLMOOC.

Our CLMOOC friend, Ron, graciously designed the icon for October’s month of art.


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